Shufflepoems is coming!

Lydia Swartz’s groundbreaking manuscript is on its way. Shufflepoems is a book, but it’s a Minor Arcana Press book, so you know there’s a twist.

This book will be available as a card deck instead of a bound series of pages. You read that correctly. Shufflepoems is a shufflable deck of poetry, one stanza per card. Four suits, four poems, able to be read differently each time.

Shuffle individual suitpoems together or separately. Use the deck as an oracle for intuitive readings. Pull cards for writing prompts and other artistic inspiration.

Since small print runs of card decks usually cost more to print than traditional books, we will shortly begin fundraising for this innovative new manuscript. If we raise enough, we’ll even be able to turn it into an app! Stay tuned for more of our good books for weird people.