Minor Arcana Press

Good books for weird people.


Minor Arcana Press is funded through a combination of book sales and, even more importantly, the generosity of our global community. Because we are a volunteer-run organization, we operate with very low overhead costs and are able to pass more of the proceeds on to our programs in the form of royalty payment for our artists and outreach for our community programs.

All donations are tax-deductible and processed via our fiscal sponsor, Old Growth Northwest.


Here are some other ways to support our work to publish authors:

  • Buy books from our catalogue! Books are also available through Amazon for your convenience.
  • Request our books be added by your local library. This is an excellent way to help widen our audience.
  • Review our books! Please contact us for more information.

The following individuals and businesses have donated money, time, space, services, goods, and guidance to help us continue publishing and empowering emerging authors:

  • Seattle Office of Arts and Culture (smART Ventures grant, 2013)
  • 4 Culture (via Gay City Anthologies)
  • Allison McEntire (our Empress and Mother)
  • Debra di Blasi & Jaded Ibis Press
  • Bryan Borland & Sibling Rivalry Press
  • Evan J. Peterson
  • Open Books
  • Elliott Bay Book Company
  • litfuse/Tieton Arts
  • Amber Nelson & Alice Blue Press
  • Paper Hammer
  • Cathy Kaufman
  • Mark Vogel
  • Jeremy Halinen
  • Bryan Edenfield & Babel/Salvage Press
  • Zan Christiensen & Northwest Press
  • Dr. Cecily Schuler
  • Corinne Manning & The Living Room Workshops
  • birds
  • Rosamond Purcell
  • Marie White & the Mary-El Tarot
  • Vermillion Bar & Gallery
  • Alex Bleecker
  • Laura Wachs
  • The Crypt
  • Anne Bean
  • Gay City Health Project
  • Sailor St. Claire
  • Jesus La Pinga
  • Mykol Radziszewski & Red Crow Sings
  • Richard Hugo House
  • Lauren Bernier
  • Sergio Coya
  • Jeremy Springsteed
  • The Breadline
  • Okanomode SoulChilde Bluesun
  • Elissa Ball
  • Lane Rasberry
  • Steamworks Seattle
  • Callum James
  • Lisa Black
  • Laura Treadway
  • Ulisses Mark Chavez
  • Studio Foglio
  • Daniel Nye
  • Kaladi Coffee